Week 2 – Day 9

Day 9 of Symply 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass

Welcome to Day 9

I hope that you are feeling good about the day ahead.

I know that if you think too far ahead sometimes it can seem intimidating, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. The best thing that i did, and I encourage you to do the same, is to take each day as it comes. So having said that, let’s make today the best day you have ever had on the 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass.

Today you should think about what you will eat – have a plan to stick to and ensure you have the food required to cook dinner, so now you’re set. Think about what exercise you will do today to help you shed more kilos. Also, don’t forget to say some positive affirmations to yourself such as “I can achieve anything I desire”, “I am the boss and I am in charge of my health” or “today I am going to be smart with my eating and keep myself busy so that i don’t think about food”. Go for it!

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Day 9: Do you hate being overweight?