Week 3 – Day 18

Day 18 of Symply 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass

Day 18 of the Masterclass

G’day healthy person. How good do you feel today?

I hope that today is filled with lots of wonderful things for you. We all love to feel great and have something positive in our lives, but when you are in weightloss mode you may find that you may suffer from mood swings. I find that my tolerance goes out the window when hungry, so by following my menus hopefully you feel more satisfied and are in a better frame of mind.

I remember some of the crazy ways I tried to lose weight in the past and I’m sure you could share a few stories as well. Dieting is a waste of time, so let’s look at my section today on fad dieting and how you can never fall into this trap ever again. Have a day filled with good times.

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Day 18: Stress