Week 4 – Day 28

Day 28 of Symply 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass

The final day of the 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass!

Congratulations on following this journey through right to the very end.

My hope for you now is that this in only the beginning of a whole new way of life for you. I hope that you are feeling so much more positive, focused and committed than ever before.

I’d also like to think that you are more informed about good health, “diets”, how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and how to stay motivated. By now your new healthy habits should have become a natural part of your day, making it easy for you to make the right decisions each step of the way, on the path to a trim and healthy you.

Listen to motivational audio

Day 28: Self esteem

Watch Annette’s video message

I encourage you to take the time to listen to my final and extended Motivational Audio: Annette’s final tips for a happy and healthy life.

I’ve also included a bonus audio message: Lose weight forever.

Again, well done and thank you so much for taking this important step, for following my 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass. Keep making me proud, but most importantly keep making yourself proud of the person that you have now become.

This is not the end but a new beginning, congratulations!