Week 4 – Day 25

Day 25 of Symply 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass

It’s Day 25 of the 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass!

Here we are with another day full of good tips and support.

I hope you’re enjoying all the fabulous information provided on the Masterclass, and as usual, today is filled with more important tips. I also want to talk today about how much food we should eat. Do you know when you are full? When enough is enough? I remember when I first started my healthy weightloss journey, one of the first things I noticed was the small portions that i had to eat. My eyes were controlling my portions and why i was putting way too much food on my plate. Yes, i think I was a little greedy as well, because I gave food too much importance. So let’s explore this subject a little deeper today.

Be the best you can be on this magnificently awesome day.

Note: There is a misprint in book 6 menu plan on day 23, 24 and 25. Click here for correction.

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Day 25: Mindset