Week 3 – Day 21

Day 21 of Symply 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass

You have reached Day 21 of the Masterclass

Hello and well done. It’s three whole weeks you have been on the 28 Day Weightloss Masterclass.

I am hoping that you are feeling pretty good about reaching this milestone. I want you to take a moment and really be proud of you commitment and effort so far. Know that wat you are doing will not only impact your life but those around you as well. When family, friends, and work colleagues start asking you what you have done to lose weight, be proud and tell them with confidence that you took responsibility for yourself and decided that you deserved to be the best that you can be.

Make sure that you don’t get sidetracked – don’t allow food, past failures or self doubt stop you from getting to your healthy weight range. Today is another day where you can get closer to your goal. I’m so proud of you.

I know that today’s tips will give you the added information and insights to know what you must do from this day forward. I think you’re amazing. Have a beautiful day.

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Day 21: Comfort eating